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WARNING: It’s a well known fact that our minds can only consciously process seven bits of data at once. That means that any human foreign exchange trader is at a huge disadvantage when it comes to handling even a few trading indicators at once, not to mention that their decision making capacity is hindered by emotions like fear, greed and impatience.

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Dear Future Successful Forex Trader,

My name is IMAD B. and I am a long term Forex and stock trader with several years of experience. I am here to talk to you about forex and also show you something that me and my team discovered.

Trading forex now a days has become more competitive than ever. And it continues to get more and more as time goes by. Not too long ago, forex was mostly only done by the large banks worldwide. Today there are millions of average people who have become fore traders and are still trying to find a system that actually works or at least, work enough for them to end their day with a nice PROFIT at the end of the day. Only a very small percentage of traders actually succeed in the long term. You may have heard of other systems that promise that they will make you rich overnight but those are the ones you should stay away from because they LIE! What you as a trader need to know is how to use something that works and STICK TO IT!

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